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What We Read, Why It Matters, and How to Implement

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Mastermind Master Reads

Like you, the Bay Area Mastermind® is comprised of Lifelong Learners who share a passion for both personal and professional development.

We like growth. We love improvement. We are all always a work in progress. And so we read.

And we implement. And we share.

Over the years, a number of books come up again and again as "foundational" books that are almost "required reading" for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Certain concepts, practices, and habits apply to all businesses and the goal of this sneak peek behind the curtain is to share with you what's been impactful for us, what new members find most valuable, and what will help you grow - along with the how and the why.


Not all books are created equal and you shouldn't read every book you hear about or finish every book you start. Discover what to read and why.


Reading is great and all, but implementation is key. Learn the key takeaways and how to implement them in your business today.


Some books tell stories. Others tell you what to do. And yet others are hands on workbooks. Some are all three. Learn which you need - when and why.

About the Author

Jeremy Shapiro has been facilitating the Bay Area Mastermind® since 2008. In his role as a mentor and coach to entrepreneurs, Jeremy has helped small business owners make the transition from “solopreneur” to “business owner” – an important distinction that many entrepreneurs can easily miss when working “in” their business instead of “on” their business.

Since 1998, Jeremy has been helping entrepreneurs discover the core strengths in themselves and their business, and realize their true potential combining passion and expertise to grow their businesses and attain the freedom they deserve.

Through structured masterminding, one-on-one coaching, and consulting work, Jeremy is able to uncover hidden opportunities within individual businesses that provide the maximum profit for the business owner.

Jeremy has been interviewed extensively by the media for his expert opinions and has been featured on NPR Morning Edition, the Boston Business Journal, Fox News, ABC, NBC, PBS, the Boston Globe, New England Cable News, and was even interviewed by the Toyo Keizai – the Business Week of Japan.

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